NNRC Creates Comprehensive Databases of Court Reporters

The National Network Reporting Company (NNRC) has been one of the premiere locations for booking a court reporting service for over 30 years. The service was designed by five top court reporting firms that were dedicated to bringing quality litigation service to attorneys and law firms across the nation and the world.

Court Reporting Unlike Any Other

It is the NNRC’s mission to provide its clients with court reporters that are accurate, timely, efficient, and reliable. These firms are meant to offer customer service that makes clients feel that they are important individuals whose work and time truly matters. The vetting process that goes hand in hand with being accepted as a member of the NNRC assures this.


On top of talented court reporters, the NNRC also vows to offer clients a variety of litigation services—from trial presentation to videography. For a busy attorney or paralegal, it is important that they get as much work done in as little time as possible. With the NNRC’s mobile-friendly booking engine, on-the-go professionals can book whatever services they need in just a few clicks of a button. The NNRC prides itself by offering its clients the most up-to-date technologies the industry has to offer, as they know technology can make or break an important case.

Updates in the Industry

Recently, the international reporting company has been working on providing better resources for their clients in the United States. As it stands, the firm offers its court reporting services to each and every state. The NNRC has compiled not only each NNRC firm in every state, but has made further distinction between them.

With their new databases of court reporters, to find a court reporting firm they know they can trust, clients simply need to select an area near them to be immediately directed to an informational page on court reporters in the state. This page is home to an index of each city and county that is covered by an NNRC-verified firm.

Say, for example, you are in desperate need of Texas court reporters, and your firm is located in the suburbs of Houston. To find a great reporting firm that you know you can count on, all you have to do is select Texas from the interactive map on the home page, and select Houston from the database for Houston court reporters. Just like that, you will be on a page for Hanna & Hanna, Houston’s preferred court reporters. From there, you can schedule for any service you need, any time of day!

Among the states with this comprehensive database are Florida court reporters, Ohio court reporters, California court reporters, New York court reporters, Colorado court reporters, and so many more. No matter what end of the country you land on, you can easily find a court reporting service that will provide you with each and every one of the services you desire. These databases are excellent resources for busy law professionals, and separate the NNRC from any competition.

For more information on the National Network Reporting Company, call their 24-hour line (866) 337-6672, or fill out their contact form.

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